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Joesthetics Cause of Death Explained: How Did Bodybuilding Star Die

The entire fitness business still in a deep state of grief after hearing certain heartbreaking news. Jo Lindner, better known by his stage name Joesthetics, was a German bodybuilder and fitness guru. Millions of people worldwide followed.

Jo, also known by the handle Joesthetics, on social media. German bodybuilder Joesthetics rose to recognition on YouTube thanks to his athleticism and particularly ripped physique.

Jo Linder was the real name of the German bodybuilder Joesthetics.


Joesthetics passed away on Friday, June 30, 2023, however, it wasn’t officially announced until Saturday, July 1, 2023. An aneurysm was thought to be the cause of death. The cause of Joesthetics’ death was revealed by Nicha, who also made the bodybuilder’s death public.

Joesthetics Cause of Death

Joesthetics is A Well-Known German bodybuilder and powerful Instagram user. Jo’s girlfriend confirmed that he tragically passed away due to an unanticipated aneurysm. He had a devoted following thanks to his interesting material and enthusiasm for exercise, and his contributions to the fitness world were greatly valued.


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His admirers, friends, and family are all grieving greatly over the news of his passing. The shock and loss felt by those who admired him increased when his spouse was the only one to disclose the precise circumstances surrounding his death.

The German bodybuilder and Instagram star Jo Lindner is remembered with fondness by the fitness industry. Noel Dezyel, a close friend and fellow bodybuilder, verified the devastating news on Instagram. He shared passionate sentiments that struck a chord with millions of followers and captured Jo’s generosity, spark, and eternal impact.

What Happened to Jo Lindner?


A devastating piece of news on Saturday, July 1 sent the bodybuilding community into despair. The demise of German bodybuilder Jo Lindner (Joesthetics) was made public. His girlfriend confirmed that Linder had passed away. Joesthetics’ girlfriend claimed that an aneurysm caused his death.

Lindner’s girlfriend shared some of their fondest moments and conveyed her sorrow in a poignant statement that was uploaded on her Instagram account. His girlfriend added that three days prior to his death, Joesthetics had complained of neck pain in her message regarding his demise.

His girlfriend alleged that they were unaware of the predicament until it was too late. But what brings about an aneurysm? A blood vessel such as an artery can develop an abnormal swelling or protrusion called an aneurysm.

How Did Joesthetics Die?

Lindner’s girlfriend, @immapeaches, wrote on her Instagram account that he died of an aneurysm. On June 30, as they were having fun together, Lindner passed away suddenly. Although it is currently unknown whether the neck pain he suffered in the days leading up to his death was related to it, the post claims that he had experienced it.


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A blood vessel protrusion known as an aneurysm results from a weakening of the blood vessel wall. The vascular wall may protrude outward if blood pressure at the weak spot is raised. Lindner has been attempting to obtain his professional card. He was known for remaining shredded almost the entire year.

The German, who recently relocated to Thailand, was well-known for his enthusiastic outlook and unwavering commitment to both his community and fitness. The news of his passing shocked the neighborhood and was tragically verified by Noel Deyzel, one of Lindner’s closest friends.

Jo Suffered a Rare Muscular Condition

The Sun reported that weeks prior, Jo had confided in his friends that he feared overtraining may cause a heart attack because of his unusual muscular problem. Jo had rippling muscle disease, a disorder that causes the muscles to be unusually sensitive to pressure or movement.

Joesthetics Cause of Death


It typically affects the thigh and other muscles close to the center of the body. The Sun reports that Jo earlier said to another Youtuber friend, Bradley Martyn, in an interview, “The heart is also a muscle, that’s my biggest concern: what if I get such a bad cramp that my heart gets a cramp.”

Stretching the muscles of most people with this syndrome results in noticeable ripples that last 5–10 seconds. The extreme pain that persons with this illness experience can be brought on by a bump, rapid movement, repeated contractions, or even pressure-induced activity, according to health professionals.


An irregularity in walking patterns, frequent exhaustion, cramps, and muscle stiffness are all symptoms of ripping muscle disease, which results in the overgrowth or hypertrophy of specific muscles, particularly in the calf.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

According to his social media post, Jo also underwent a hormone replacement therapy that is well-liked among those seeking to increase their testosterone levels, which regulate sperm creation, red blood cell generation, muscle strength and mass, fat distribution, bone density, and sexual desire.

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