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?Find out the mystery of the city protected by aliens

Located along the Gulf of Mexico southeast of Tamaulipas of Mexico are the cities of Ciudad Madero and Tampico with beautiful beaches, diverse architecture, extremely vibrant nightlife.

This area has very good weather, not affected by frequent storms like neighboring localities. Many people believe that the reason for this special phenomenon is due to the protection of aliens.

 the city protected by aliens

UFO appeared and storm avoided

In August 1967, thousands of locals witnessed nine UFOs (unidentified flying objects) in the sky off Miramar beach, Ciudad Madero. These objects were also recorded and tracked by the Tampico airport air traffic control tower.

At the time, it was considered one of the most spectacular UFO sightings in Mexico. People were talking about tourists from other planets, even talking about the possibility of an invasion of Earth.

Later, the area became a hotspot for UFO phenomena. Not only that, it’s also not ravaged by hurricanes. Before that, Ciudad Madero and Tampico were hit many times by hurricanes, the heaviest in 1955 and 1966.

Since 1967, when approaching Tampico, the storm has suddenly changed direction to avoid this area. In 1988, Hurricane Gilbert devastated the United States, the Caribbean, and Southern Mexico, causing great loss of life and property, but it abruptly changed course from Ciudad Madero and Tampico, even though meteorologists predicted neither of those places. to avoid destruction.

Another notable case is that in 2005, Hurricane Katrina, which was heading for small coastal cities, abruptly moved away from Tampico and headed straight for New Orleans, killing more than 1,800 people.

the city protected by aliens

In 2013, Mexico suffered two powerful storms, Ingrid and Manuel, within 24 hours, affecting two-thirds of the country, killing 192 people and causing billions of dollars in damage, but Madero and Tampico were unaffected.

Most recently, in 2022, Tropical Storm Karl suddenly changed direction from the Tampico coast, moving further south, causing flooding and extensive damage in some of the localities it passed.

Many locals believe this has something to do with the appearance of a UFO during a sighting in 1967. According to them, aliens have established an underwater base off Miramar beach, named Amupac. , and they protected the area by redirecting the storms.

Alien underground base?

The theory of a secret alien underwater base that protects the region from storms has turned Ciudad Madero and Tampico into a mecca for UFO enthusiasts and curious tourists. Taking this opportunity, local people took advantage of the money.

the city protected by aliens

Often called Playa Protegida – “Protected Beach” – here one can find all kinds of souvenirs and UFO and alien themed restaurants and hotels.

There are also guided UFO sight-seeing tours, and the local even holds an unofficial holiday called El Día OVNI Tamaulipas every October 25 (OVNI stands for Spanish). The name of “Objeto Volador No Identificado”, which means “unidentified flying object”).

Nembra Carmen Jiménez, Tamaulipas State’s Tourism Director fully believes these things, even claiming she has encountered aliens herself.

However, not everyone agrees with the theory that the area is protected from hurricanes because of the protection of aliens. Some religious residents believe it was because the monument to Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of sailors and fishermen, was erected in 1967 to coincide with the UFO sighting.

The skeptics, on the other hand, have a more realistic idea. The region’s meteorological port director, Javier Francisco Álvarez, explains, it’s all down to broad atmospheric conditions, such as the prevailing westerly winds or the high-pressure subtropical system, ocean temperatures of the region. , the erratic nature of hurricanes at the outset, combined with a bit of luck as well.

He explained: The trajectories of hydrometeorological phenomena are very erratic, that is, they do not always collide in the same area, in the same location, or enter the same line, touching the land. through the same location.

We now have advanced monitoring systems and numerical models that allow the intensity and path of storms to be predicted, but their trajectories still vary widely depending on those broader atmospheric conditions. When ocean water is a degree or two colder, it can pull on air mass, causing storms to “deny” activity.

The alien explanation has evolved into an interesting legend that creates a tourist attraction, helping tourism flourish. However, it is important not to trust outsider facts too much.

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