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The largest prehistoric rock art carving of animals in the world: A timeless masterpiece

The carving of two giraffes, also known as the Dabous giraffe, is the largest prehistoric rock art carving of animals in the world. Although located quite far from the Sahara desert, this prehistoric stone carving attracts a lot of attention.

Two giraffes, with a male and a female, the larger male carved before the female, are placed side by side on an outdoor sandstone surface. The male is over 5.5 meters tall, meticulously shaped from shaving, smoothing, and deep carving on the outside. However, the carving gradually shows clear signs of damage, caused by both intentional and unintentional factors of human activity.


Dabous giraffe

Most of the carvings were vandalized by being trampled on, but worse, the carvings gradually lost their value when many people unconsciously drew graffiti on them and even some parts of the carvings were stolen.

The carving is gradually receiving attention in conservation, not only because of its artistic value, but also because of its special geographical location in a highly archaeological region of Africa such as the Sahara. The conservation process will include making a mold for the carving, which will then be cast in a wear-resistant material.

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