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UFO appeared in the middle of a lightning storm in Australia

In the middle of a lightning storm, a strange ball of light suddenly appeared in the sky over the city of Canberra (Australia) and then suddenly disappeared without a trace. The phenomenon sparked many rumors about UFOs.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the green ball of light could be related to an unidentified flying object (UFO).

Some people even believe that it is an alien spacecraft

  A strange phenomenon appeared in the night sky of Canberra city on January 3, and was filmed and posted on YouTube. Many rumors have appeared to explain the phenomenon.

Besides mystical explanations about aliens, there are also explanations based on scientific knowledge.

Red and green lights often appear in the sky during auroras, said astronomer Brad Tucker at the Australian National University.

However, auroras only appear when solar storms sweep into Earth’s atmosphere, while light balls exist when there are no reports of solar storms.

In nature, there are also some phenomena that emit blue light similar to the aurora. Scientists say that if a storm carrying lightning interacts with certain gases overhead, it can create green or red light.

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