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Celebrities Who Don’t Plan on Leaving Their Millions to Their Kids

Sometimes famous parents disinherit their children to make them achieve success themselves. At Bright Side, we found 12 examples of this and would like to tell you about them.


Marlon Brando

The actor had 11 children, between whom he could divide his inheritance. However, even during his lifetime, he excluded 2 people from his will: his adopted daughter, Petra, whom he raised from the age of 14, and the son of his late daughter, Cheyenne.

Daniel Craig

Being from a poor family (Craig’s father was a sailor, and his mother was an art teacher), he believes that a person needs to earn their own living. The actor calls the very concept of “inheritance” quite distasteful. According to his philosophy, a person should spend all their money during their lifetime.

Sean Connery

During his lifetime, Connery repeatedly stated that he would deprive his son of his inheritance in order to teach him a lesson: “He doesn’t know what it’s like to have a hard time, but it’s not too late for him to learn life.”

In 2007, the actor made it public that he wanted his 45-year-old son “to make a living on his own and not off his father’s hook.”

Kirk Douglas

Even during his lifetime, the actor devoted most of his time to helping those in need. He and his wife founded a foundation whose goal was “helping those who cannot help themselves.” It’s no surprise that he made sure in his will that almost all of his money be given to charity.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

The famous composer and writer of The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, and many other popular musicals, has earned more than $1 billion during his career. However, his 5 children will never see this enormous amount, as Webber believes that everyone should make their own living.

50 Cent

The disputes between rapper 50 Cent and his son, Marquise, have been the subject of media discussion for a long time. The fact is that the man and the teenager regularly sort out their difficult relationship by posting their texts online. As a result, the rapper threatened publicly that his son would be excluded from his will.

Simon Cowell

The producer doesn’t believe in the idea of giving his fortune to his children. Cowell says he’d rather donate the money to charities that help kids and dogs.

Anderson Cooper

The famous American TV journalist, Anderson Cooper, is not going to leave his son an inheritance. He recently spoke about this on the radio. He adheres to the position of his parents, who only paid for his college. And then, according to the journalist, a person should achieve everything themselves.

Laurene Powell Jobs

The widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, Laurene, continues her husband’s legacy. The woman doesn’t plan to leave an inheritance to her children just as her late husband wanted. Instead, her goal is to “effectively deploy resources.”

Joan Crawford

The star of old Hollywood, Joan Crawford, was the mother of 4 adopted children. When the actress died, it turned out that her older children were left without a penny. The entire Crawford fortune went to the younger twins. This led to litigation, and as a result of which, the older adopted children got justice.

David Cassidy

In one of his interviews, he said that he doesn’t consider himself a father to his daughter, Katie Cassidy (who you’ve likely seen in the Gossip Girl series), because he didn’t raise her.When the actor passed away, it turned out that he didn’t leave a cent to his daughter, and all the property was passed to his son.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

The will of the Oscar-winning actor listed only one heir to his entire fortune (which is about $35 million), Hoffman’s girlfriend, costume designer Marianne O’Donnell. Philip had 3 children with her. The actor didn’t plan to leave his money to their children. According to his accountant, he didn’t want his heirs to feel like “trust fund” kids.

Would you leave your money to your children, or would you leave them without a penny? Tell us in the comments.

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