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Creepy doll’s head blocks Bristol sewer – as water company issues Halloween warning

A crew investigating a blocked toilet was left alarmed to find the head of a child’s doll, complete with flushed wet wipes for hair, that was causing the problem in a sewer. Wessex Water says it wants to avoid more blockage horror stories this Halloween.

A water company has warned customers not to flush rubbish down the toilet after a doll’s head caused a spooky pre-Halloween blockage.

Workers investigating a blocked toilet had a fright when they found the head of a child’s doll, complete with gruesome hair made up of flushed wet wipes.

The creepy figure was found in a Bristol sewer by a Wessex Water crew.

To make matters worse, it could not be shifted with rods and jetting equipment, and the team eventually had to smash it and pull it out on the end of a hose.

The company is now reminding customers not to put anything down the toilet unless it is one of “the three Ps”.

“Flushing anything other than the three Ps – paper, poo and pee – down the loo can block pipes and lead to sewage flooding your home, or someone else’s,” a Wessex Water spokesperson said.

“The biggest cause of these blockages are wet wipes, which often contain plastic and don’t break down like toilet paper.

“They end up in rivers and the environment and cause pollution incidents, as well as contributing to fatbergs in sewers.”

It is not the first time toys have been discovered in the firm’s network, with Peppa Pig and even the elusive fish Nemo found in sewers previously.

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